#05 <The Kenford Fineshoes> EVENT INFORMATION

From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Wednesday , May 17 , 2023

Thank you for visiting our online store. Here is the information about this weekend's event. Don't miss it if you haven't been able to buy it without trying it.

The Kenford Fineshoes - Pop Up Store-“IRIBITARI” at STADIUM
Date and time:
5/20(Sat) ~ 5/21(Sun)
Place: Stadium
3-27-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

We offer a lineup of loafers selected from the perspective of <STADIUM> , a select shop that transmits trends and cultures such as overseas fashion, music, art, and play through a unique filter called "TOKYO FASHION". . The displayed products can be purchased at the online store by reading the installed QR code . In addition, when purchasing from the online store during the period, an 'exclusive code' will be distributed only to customers who come to the store.You can experience purchasing with specifications different from usual.New rough and free leather shoes that you can not usually touch. Please take this opportunity to visit the world.For inquiries, please visit the brand Instagram.

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff