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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Monday, December 4, 2023

Thank you for visiting our online store. This time, we will be reporting on the last event of the year with Journal Standard, which started in Omotesando and has traveled around the country to Nagoya, Kyoto, Kitasenju, and Fukuoka.
This event will focus on the "Black Scotch Grain Loafers," which have gained popularity as a standard design and are currently sold out. ``We want loafers to be worn casually and freely,'' a message that has been advocated since the brand's launch, and a restock version will be available at the Journal Standard Shibuya Scramble Square store.

01- Release of "Black Scotch Grain Loafers"

The popular item “Black Scotch Grain Loafers”, which is the second most popular item after paisley loafers, is now on sale with more designs. In addition to the pattern (above left) that uses pressed leather with a fine granular wrinkle pattern called Shibo pattern, there is also a product that uses a combination upper with black smooth leather (above right). The result is an original pair that is simple yet unique.

02- <The Kenford Fineshoes> has a unique message in its loafers.

We created a visual that powerfully expresses the message that Kenford continues to advocate: ``Leather shoes are more free and rough.'' With the theme of "Work", we are re-proposing the classic model, fully conveying the charm of Scotch grain leather that makes scratches and dirt less noticeable.

03- Popup Event was held at Journal Standard Shibuya Scramble Square store.

At the Journal Standard Men's Popup Store, which will be the last of the year, in addition to Scotch grain loafers, popular models such as paisley loafers, which are currently in short supply, will be on sale. All items will be sold in limited quantities, so please come and visit us so you don't miss out!


12/8 Fri ~ 12/17 Sun JOURNAL STANDARD Shibuya Scramble Square Store
@js.shibuyascramblesquare < https://www.Instagram.com/js.shibuyascramblesquare/

We sincerely look forward to your visit!

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff