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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Monday, December 18, 2023

Thank you for visiting our online store. The Journal Standard Popup that started in October ended on December 17th, and there are only a few days left in 2023.
This year has been a very happy year as many customers have learned about our brand and have actually purchased our products. To conclude 2023, we are announcing the release of limited edition products. We hurriedly produced exclusive products that can only be sold through our online store. Please check it out.

Tank Sole Loafers / BEEF & BROCCOLI

The color scheme that has become a staple on the street as field boots has been adopted for the classic loafer, and the combination loafer, which sold out immediately after its release, has been re-produced in limited quantities with a tank sole. The voluminous sole gives it a more boot-like impression than the previous model. We have also decided to add women's sizes, which we have received many inquiries about. This is an exclusive pair that will be sold in limited quantities only at the official online store.

Size: MENS =25.0cm ~ 27.0cm / WOMENS = 22.5cm~25.0cm
Price: ¥19,800-(tax in)
12/20 (Wednesday) 10:00-On sale at the official online store

Free gift wrapping is also available.

Free gift wrapping is also available starting December 8th (Friday).
Please consider giving it as a gift for a loved one or as a reward for yourself to end 2023!
(Click here for more information about gift wrapping)

Although sizes and quantities are limited, we have created an exclusive pair that will never be shared with anyone else.
12/20 (Wednesday) 10:00 Sales start on this site. Why not try getting a pair to end 2023?

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff