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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Thank you for visiting our online store. Only a few days left in 2023. This year, I was able to connect with many people through loafers. We hope that you will continue to use our products in 2024 and beyond.

This site will be closed from now on, but with the hope that you will continue to use it for many years to come, we have prepared a limited gift project for the year-end and New Year holidays! Please check it out.

We are giving away Columbus Shoe Cream in The Kenford Fineshoes package.

Customers who order loafers during the year-end and New Year holidays will receive shoe cream from Columbus, a Japanese shoe care product brand, as a gift. This is an original packaged with The Kenford Fineshoes logo tape. Why not take this opportunity to get your first pair of loafers in 2024?

Period: 12/26 (Tue) ~ 1/8 (Mon)
*Orders made during this period are eligible for the shoe cream gift.
*Orders other than loafers, such as socks and shoehorns, are not eligible.
*Products will be shipped sequentially from January 5th (Friday) onwards. Please note that we will not be shipping during the holiday period.

Special Offer: We will also give a gift to customers who already own Kenford.
*If you are already a Kenford customer and would like to receive shoe polish as a gift, please contact info@the-kenford-fineshoes.com or DM us on Instagram.
*We are also preparing special plans for repeat customers. We will only inform those who inquire about the details of the project, so if you are a Kenford user, please feel free to contact us.
*We do not accept shipping of just the cream to overseas countries.

How to use shoe cream.

Lastly, I will briefly explain how to care for loafers using shoe cream.

Caring for leather shoes can seem like a hassle, but Kenford's loafers are made from a material that is relatively easy to handle among other leathers, so please take it easy. All you need to prepare is a cloth and cream.

1. Brush off the dust.

The surface of well-worn loafers often has fine dust attached to them. First, try gently brushing away the dust with a cloth. If there is very stubborn dirt, you will need a separate cleaner, but if not, just brush it off.

2. Apply cream.

Wrap a cloth around your index finger, take a small amount of the cream, and apply it onto your loafers. If you apply too much cream, it will end up being a thick coat, so be sure to use a small amount and let it absorb into the entire area.

3. Complementary colors.

Kenford's loafers have an edge around the instep that opens up as the foot flexes. This is one of the changes in loafers that many people perceive as a taste because it creates a rough and rough impression. On the other hand, the part that opens exposes the back side of the leather (beige), which is naturally a concern! Some people say. In such a case, applying a cream and applying a complementary color will make it less noticeable.

4. Wipe the entire surface with a cloth.

Finally, polish the entire shoe with a cloth. After completing this process, the loafers will have a shiny shine.


The blackness and luster have returned to the loafers. This procedure only takes a few minutes for each leg. If you research how to care for leather shoes, you'll find many more ways to care for them using goods and care products. If you are interested, please check it out.
Of course, I don't take care of it and just wear it! There is a reason. Please feel free to associate with loafers. In 2024, we hope to be able to communicate to everyone more about the various ways to interact with loafers, just like The Kenford Fineshoes, so please look forward to it.
First of all, please take this opportunity to get the shoe cream.

The Kenford Fineshoes staff