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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Monday, February 5, 2024

Thank you for visiting our online store. This time we are announcing the release of our first new product in 2024, “Black Red Combi Loafers.”
It will be sold not only at the online store but also at the LHP Urahara store, so please check the information.

Combi Loafers / Black Red

A pair originally designed as part of The Kenford Fineshoes' 1st collection, inspired by the color scheme of a certain sneaker. It was sold in limited quantities in 2022.
For the re-release, we decided to bring back the product with a more themed theme. Recognizing red as the ``symbolic color of the Chinese New Year,'' we have refreshed the model into a Lunar New Year-inspired model that is rarely seen in Japanese leather shoe brands. We plan to sell not only in Japan but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Red shoes may look flashy at first glance, but if you pair them with classic leather shoes, the impact will be neutralized, making them the perfect pair to accent your feet. In addition, the center, sides, and back are made of black leather, making this a versatile combination loafer that also has a firm look.

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Size: MENS =24.0cm ~ 28.5cm
Price: ¥17,600-(tax in)
2/9 (Friday) 11:30- On sale at the official online store, LHP Urahara store.
*Also available in Hong Kong and Taiwan. For more information, click here.

If you would like to see the actual product, please visit LHP Ura-Harajuku store.

At the same time as the release at 11:30 on Friday, February 9th, “Black Red Loafers” will be available for a limited time at LHP Urahara store. Additionally, the LHP Urahara store will be holding a pop-up for the first time since September of last year, and from this day on, they will begin permanently displaying loafers. You can always purchase carefully selected items while viewing the actual items. On February 9th (Friday), there will be a special sale of the restock version of "Black Paisley Loafers" which is currently sold out at the online store. If you are interested, please come to LHP Urahara store.

LHP Urahara Store Location: 4-32-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
@lhp_uraharajuku < https://www.instagram.com/lhp_uraharajuku/

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff