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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Monday, March 11, 2024

Thank you for visiting our online store. This time, we will be announcing the second new product in 24 years following the black red loafer.
This time, we are releasing a new color of the loafer accessory, which was sold out soon after it went on sale in October last year.
Actual delivery is scheduled for early April, but we have decided to start pre-ordering on our online store.

Let's take another look at loafer accessories.
The orthodox loafer is called a "coin loafer," and its design name is said to come from the culture of putting a coin in the center of the loafer. Kenford has shown respect for this culture for many years, including including original coins with the loafers produced in the 90s. Loafer accessories are a one-of-a-kind product that is co-produced with the accessory brand <IN-PUT-OUT> and interpreted by Kenford, who is active with the concept of "creating a new sense of value for leather shoes". .

The new color following the first silver and gold is glossy black. This new color has been created to add a more rustic image while maintaining the luxurious atmosphere that is suitable for accenting simple loafers.

Ahead of the release, we are currently releasing a newly created visual with the theme of "crow". A complete change from the previous clean-cut visuals, the film shows the dirty side of the city on rooftops and in early morning Tokyo. That visual has been completed.

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A limited number of pre-orders will begin on the official online store from 12:00 on March 13th (Wednesday) for delivery in early April.
In addition to the new color black, we are also accepting reservations for the standard colors silver and gold, which are currently sold out, so if you missed out on buying them last year, please check them out.

About pre-sales Date: March 13th (Wednesday) 12:00 Target items: Loafers Accessories / Black, Gold, Silver
Delivery time: Early April *Delivery time may vary depending on the production schedule. Please note.
*There is a limited number of reservations available.

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff