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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Thank you for always visiting our online store. This time, we will report on the POPUP we held the other day at the vintage shop "PORTRATION" in Harajuku, and talk about the "BLACK WHITE PAISLEY LOAFERS" that will be available online from 5/10 (Fri). Please take a look.

-An era in which leather shoes can be worn more casually and freely-

The basis of Kenford's activities is the message that "we want people to wear leather shoes more casually and freely." This has never wavered since the brand was founded in 1986, and it is the identity of Kenford that was born to pass on classic products to new generations.

-"PORTRATION" is a collaboration based on the idea of ​​TIMELESS.

This project was carried out with Harajuku vintage shop "PORTRATION" from visual production to the pop-up event. It was made possible because both parties share the same mindset of "classic items will be passed down through the ages". Generally, most visuals are created using new product samples, but this time, we presented items that have actually been worn as the main look. Also, with the cooperation of customers who wear our products frequently, we displayed personal items that have changed over time in the store. It was only with "PORTRATION" that we were able to express the changes in the loafers based on a natural story. Surrounded by vintage T-shirts, customers picked up well-worn loafers and said, "I want to make some myself!" We felt the significance of this project when we heard such voices from our visitors!

-Sales start on the online store from 12:00 on Friday, May 10th-

The "Black and White Paisley Loafers", which are being sold in advance this time, will be available exclusively on the online store from 12:00 on Friday, May 10th.
Black and white combination loafers are commonly seen on the streets, but the paisley pattern combination loafers are an original pattern that is one of a kind in the world.

There are currently no plans for additional production, so don't miss this opportunity.

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff


Thank you.
PORTRATION < https://www.instagram.com/portration/ >

Ryoji Yamaguchi < https://www.instagram.com/yamaguchi_ryoji/ >