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From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Thank you for always visiting our online store. This time, we would like to announce the release of a new color for women. This is the first new design for women since the Paisley Tank Sole Loafers released in October of last year. Please check it out.

- Classic loafers with a voluminous feel based on the men's style -

The number of items in the women's collection is still small compared to the men's collection, but items that combine thick tank soles with classic loafers are gradually gaining popularity. Kenford's loafers, based on the men's style, give a more voluminous look to the feet than regular women's leather shoes, and fit in with rough styling.

-Adding "ease of use" to "ease of wear"-

As I mentioned before, the best thing about loafers is their "ease of use". Just by wearing them, you can add a mature touch to your everyday style or make it fresh. They are so versatile that you might think they are the most versatile shoes in the world.

All women's models have a 3cm thick sole, which not only enhances your style but also improves comfort. I would like to recommend these loafers to those who have avoided leather shoes because they feel stiff.

-Sales start at 11:00 on Friday, June 14th-

The new colors being released this time are the five colors that were first released for men the other day. These new colors are reminiscent of baseball team colors. The visuals created to coincide with this release were produced in Shibuya in collaboration with members of the "Rootytoottoots" crew, who are known for their genderless style. Check out how the colorful combination loafers blend in naturally!
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The product will be available on the online store from 11:00 on Friday, June 14th. It will also be sold at the currently running POPUP STORE. If you want to see the actual product, please make sure to save your schedule and come by. Men's models are also available.

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