#01 <The Kenford Fineshoes> SIZE GUIDE

From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Friday, April 7 , 2023

When the online store reopened, I re-edited the blog I uploaded before. It is about how to choose the size of <The Kenford Fineshoes>. Loafer sizing can be tricky. I would like to convey it as simply as possible through this blog.

1. Measure your leg length

The length of my legs that I don't know. It's ok to measure with a major or something. If you use this length as a size guideline, you will rarely make a mistake. If it is difficult to measure by yourself, I think that you can easily measure at a shoe store in the city. Please take this opportunity to check it out.

2. Based on that length, choose a size that fits your preferred size

After that, just choose the length as a base point. Please feel free to choose according to your preference.
The feeling of comfort is based on the length of your feet.

My leg length is about 24.0cm, but I chose 24.0cm (leg length ± 0cm). I feel a little pressure around my toes, but the heel doesn't come off and it's very comfortable to walk in.
By the way, if you wear a 25.0cm (+1cm) shoe, the moment you put your feet in it is very comfortable, but when you walk, the heel feels like it's slipping out. If the heel falls out, it may cause fatigue , so it is recommended that you wear it as tight as you can without overdoing it.

Side note: Choosing a snug fit doesn't make your feet look smaller.

For leather shoes, the size notation and the total length of the shoe are different. This is because the space at the tip of the foot is designed to be longer than that of sneakers. The actual length of a 25.0cm loafer is about 28.0cm. I was hesitant at first because the size is smaller than normal sneakers, but on the contrary, choosing the same size as sneakers is too big! Oh my God.

Because of that, we recommend that you consider the size based on the length of your feet!
(Photo: 26.0cm sneakers and 25.0cm Kenford)

There are two ways to choose the size.

1. Measure your leg length
2. Based on that length, choose a size that fits your taste (don't overdo it, ultimately it's your preference!)

that's all. Please use it as a guide when purchasing.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about sizing.

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff