#02 <The Kenford Fineshoes> ABOUT OUR LOAFERS Men's Edition

From The Kenford Fineshoes Staff on Friday, April 7 , 2023

When the online store reopened, I re-edited the blog I uploaded before. It is about loafers of <The Kenford Fineshoes>.
<The Kenford Fineshoes> is for people who usually wear sneakers and want them to have the same vibe as sneakers. I will tell you the background and reasons for such thoughts.

1. Rough silhouette wooden pattern

The loafers from <The Kenford Fineshoes> still use the same wooden pattern as the model released in 1986. In the 1980s when it was developed, it is an original silhouette designed with a wide instep height and width so that more people can wear it easily, while referring to the American loafer shoe tree.

2. Distinctive appearance that is different from general leather shoes

I tried to see what kind of features it actually has in terms of appearance and the difference from other brands

If you look at the photo from the front, you can see that Kenford's loafers are wider and taller (= have more volume) than the tight form on the left. The difference is that Kenford loafers are developed with an awareness of "taking width and height" in contrast to the image of general leather shoes "narrowing" and "tightening".

The biggest feature is that it has a sneaker-like silhouette that you can easily put your feet through. In addition, the instep is cut deeper (longer in front), so it has more volume than the one on the left, which has a delicate impression. (= Even if you wear the perfect size, your feet will not look small)

This type is perfect for styling that you usually wear with sneakers, such as rough silhouette bottoms and thick socks.
*Loafers with a tight instep and a shallow instep may look better with slim pants.

By all means, please try to put your feet through roughly as an extension of your usual styling.

3. The lightness and softness you feel the moment you put your feet through

<The Kenfor Fineshoes> loafers are also characterized by the selection of materials that do not impair such a rough atmosphere. The moment you put your feet through it, there should be many people who feel softness and lightness rather than hardness . The soft leather used for the upper and the cushioning on the heel reduce stress at the beginning of wearing. The outsole is made of rubber material for durability.

<The Kenford Fineshoes> Loafers

1. Width and height = using a wooden pattern that is conscious of volume
2. The result is an appearance that creates a rough atmosphere.
3. Selection of soft materials that do not spoil the atmosphere

<The Kenford Fineshoes> is a loafer with the above features, packed with elements that allow you to enjoy loafers casually.
By all means, please consider it as your first pair of loafers!

The Kenford Fineshoes Staff