<The Kenford Fineshoes> A new way to use a shoe horn. Released "Shoe Horn with Reel".

From The Kenford Fineshoes on Wednesday , September 14 , 2022

<The Kenford Fineshoes> Merchandise has released "Shoe Horn with Reel", which proposes a new way to use a shoehorn.
The existing method of using a shoehorn, "Pick it up, hold it, use it, put it back..." will be revamped into a flowing movement of "extending it, using it, and returning it."

The body and shoehorn are unified in silver and are original specifications with the brand logo processed. I made it with a sense of size on the premise that it will be hung. In addition, the package is also the original specification. It has a pillow-shaped design and is a specification that is also appreciated as a gift.

SHOE HORN WITH REEL / SILVER ¥ 3.850 ( tax included )