How to attach loafer accessories

1_ Loosen the cut part.

To make it easier to clip the accessory, first loosen the notch. Pinch it with your fingers and imagine widening the front part and the back part of the cut. Especially if the loafers are new, the leather will still be hard, so please loosen it thoroughly before installing it.

2_Pinch from the front of the notch

Once the leather has been loosened sufficiently, insert the base of the accessory from the front of the notch. The image is to push the base firmly towards you.

3_Insert it to the back of the notch

Once it's in the front part, finally insert it into the back part as well. Pinch the leather and press it in. This step is the most difficult until you get used to it, but once you get through it, you're almost done.

4_Press from above to fit

Finally, in order to firmly fix the sandwiched accessory in the notch, press the center part and wing part of the accessory from above several times to blend it into the loafer body.

Installation completed

With just a few steps, a plain loafer can be transformed into an original pair of shoes.
Rather than getting multiple pairs with different designs, I'd rather wear out my favorite pair. The message from the brand is behind the production of accessories.

important point

When installing, if only the front part is pinched, it will easily come off. Be sure to also insert the inner part.

Also, even if the shoe is caught in both the front and back, it will easily come off if the opening is pushed downwards. Please be careful when putting on and taking off your shoes.

Depending on how you wear it, it may come off or get damaged when you walk. In that case, please note that we cannot accept replacement or repair of accessories.

This accessory was produced to match Kenford's loafers. It cannot be attached to loafers of other brands.