Black and White Paisley Loafers

This work was created in collaboration with PORTRATION, a vintage shop based in Harajuku, Tokyo, and tells the story of a boy who happens to come across a pair of Kenford loafers at a flea market. Just as a casually purchased vintage T-shirt from the 80s can be a catalyst for experiencing culture, a pair of well-worn loafers could be a catalyst for experiencing the charm of leather shoes. Based on the shared mindset of both brands that "classics are passed down through the ages," the visual emphasizes the message that The Kenford Fineshoes continues to present: "We want people to wear loafers more freely and casually."

SPRING/SUMMER 2024 SEASON LOOK “Black and White Paisley Loafers”

Styling: Yuzuru Saeki @yuzrusaeki <

Photo: Ryoji Yamaguchi @yamaguchi_ryoji <

Hair: Yumi Asakawa @choooome <

Model: Nikita @nikita_zinov <

Direction: Yu Orishikide <

PORTRATION @portration<