"White Black Paisley Loafers" is a collaboration model with "ZODIAC", which is currently attracting attention both domestically and internationally as the most important spot in Indonesia's Jakarta scene, and ZODIAC has boldly rebuilt The Kenford Fineshoes' flagship model. We combined the paisley pattern with black and white, the standard coloring of two-tone loafers, and created an inverted color scheme to create an even greater impact. A special "ZODIAC" logo is engraved on the outside of the heel.

The "White Black Paisley Loafers" is a bold update of the flagship model of The Kenford Fineshoes, a collaboration with ZODIAC, one of the most important spots on the Indonesian Jakarta scene, both locally and internationally. The color scheme is reversed from the standard black and white of a combination loafer, and a paisley pattern is embossed on the entire upper leather.


Model : Sho Takahashi
@_sho_Takahashi < https://www.instagram.com/_sho_takahashi/

Photo: Ryoji Yamaguchi
@yamaguchi_ryoji < https://www.instagram.com/yamaguchi_ryoji/

Direction : Yu Orishikide
@ohli_day < https://www.instagram.com/ohli_day