23년 봄 여름 시즌룩 제4탄은 「여행」을 테마로. 빈 시간을 되찾아 자유롭게 미래로 날아가는 라이프 스타일을 잘라, 그리움과 새로움을 겸비한 <The Kenford Fineshoes>의 세계관을 담았습니다.

The Kenford Fineshoes, a “made-in-Japan” leather shoes brand that preserves traditional craftsmanship while adding new elements of fashion trends, has released its 4th “Season's Looks” for the 2023 spring/summer”.
The new Looks captures the world view of <The Kenford Fineshoes>, which combines nostalgia and novelty, promoting a lifestyle of reclaiming lost time and venturing freely into the future.
A two-toned design expresses a casual and relaxed look for both men and women, renewing the classic image of loafers.